viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

Artículo interesante del WSJ

Interesante lo que dice el Wall Street Journal, la lectura del artículo completo es recomendable:

Germ Sleuths Stalk Origin of Killer Flu

"Until recently, Mexico was widely assumed to be ground zero. Now, however, some California doctors are questioning that."

"The four earliest confirmed cases are divided evenly between California and Mexico. In fact, it appears two children in California got sick in late March, several days before the first two known Mexico cases in early April."

"Normally, bird and swine viruses aren't good at spreading from human to human, which helps limit the damage to people in direct contact with animals. The latest virus, however, is an unusual hybrid of pig, bird and human flu bugs. It also has the scary ability to leap from human to human. Thousands of people may have already been infected."

"So far, the virus is treatable with antiviral medicines. It appears less deadly than first thought, as long as good medical care is within reach."

"In Mexico, one early warning sign occurred in a dusty village in Mexico's eastern Veracruz state called La Gloria, which sits near an industrial pig farm."

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